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Water Heater
Split Heat Pipe Pressure
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Split System Controller
Split Heat Pipe Pressure Series Collector
(available in 15Tubes, 20Tubes, 25Tubes, 30Tubes)

• Collector housing Alnico – 1.5mm. Silver
• Vacuum tube size 1.8meter x . 58Ø.
• 2mm Glass Thickness.
• Operating Fluid Pressure 0.4MPa (4 Bar)
• Test Pressure 1MPa (10 Bar)
• Min. collector angle 15 degree, Max. collector angle 75   degree.
• Insulation 50mm Polyurethane,
• Split Controller with Pump Station.

• Connecting to Split High Pressure Electrical Geyser or Solar   Geyser.
• Connected via Thermo siphon principle or pumped via split   controller setup
• 12 Volt Pump and PV Module or 220 Volt pump setup.

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